North Highlands Fleas

north highlands fleas

Fleas can be a chore to get rid of; let us help!

Superior Grade A Pest Control gets numerous inquiries about flea removal options and it’s no surprise really. We often attempt to treat any pest issue on our own but sometimes the in-store solutions can only cause headache and frustration, not to mention waste money. Fleas are an annoying irritation. Superior Grade A Pest Control offers treatment many types of fleas. Fleas are wing-free insects with mouth parts designed for piercing skin for sucking blood.

North Highlands fleas can easily become implanted inside of a individual’s head of hair in 10 minutes. This will cause discomfort, irritation and possibly itching. Redness can occur and some may experience minor swelling.

Fleas Prevention

Let Superior Grade A Pest Control treat with your flea problem right now! Removing a flea issue in the home can be a challenge. For every flea discovered there are generally hundreds that go unseen. Do not let fleas invade your house. Call Superior Grade A Pest Control at (916) 382-7504 today!

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